Un moment de rare émotion qui s'est tenu dans la splendide West London Synagogue située à 2 pas de Hyde Park.

De gauche à droite : Janet Darley, Judith Levitt, David Mitchell, Debbie Young-Sommers, Monique Mayer, Yuval Keren, Tanya Sakhnovitch, Judith Rosen-Berry.

2009 Ordinands

David Mitchell

David came to the rabbinic Programme having already done the College’s MA in Jewish Education. He gained a distinction for his dissertation on sexual violence against men in the Bible. David interned at Radlett Reform synagogue and is continuing there after ordination as second rabbi and educator. David was co-chair of the students’ society.

Debbie Young Somers

Debbie came to the College with experience in interfaith dialogue. Married to Gary, she interned at Edgware Reform Synagogue and will take up post at West London Synagogue with the portfolio of outreach to the interfaith community. She gained a distinction in her dissertation on the mikveh.

Tanya Sakhnovitch

Before entering Leo Baeck College, Tanya Sakhnovich studied Music and Art History at the Minsk State University and Jewish Studies at the Machon in Moscow, where she later worked for the Jewish community centre.

Tanya’s MA dissertation was on the mother-son relationship in the Bible. She interned at Nottingham Progressive Synagogue and will initially be serving there after ordination.

Janet Darley

Janet Darley was a lecturer in economics before coming to the College. Commuting from South London where she and her husband reside, she gained a distinction in her MA dissertation on European and American Rabbinic sermons of the First World War Janet served as co-chair of the students’ society in her final year where she was interned with South London Liberal synagogue. She will take up post there on ordination.

Monique Mayer

Monique came to the College as a science teacher from Texas having married an Irishman. Her MA dissertation probed the literary intricacies of the Eshet Hayil proverb recited traditionally on Friday nights. Monique was interned with Leicester Progressive Synagogue in her final year

Judith Rosen-berry

Judith had worked previously as a social worker with a PhD in theology when she came to the College and commuted daily from Oxford where she lives with her partner. Recipient of the Rabbi John Rayner prize for excellent work at MA level, her dissertation with distinction examined the philosophy of Emanuel Levinas. Judith will take up post at Beit Clal Yisrael Liberal congregation in North Kensington

Judith Levitt

Judith came to the College from Finchley Reform Synagogue and spent time in Toronto as part of her studies. During this past year she has been interning at Finchley Reform Synagogue. Judith’s MA dissertation investigated the biblical allusions in modern Israeli poetry particularly in relation to the psalms

Yuval Keren

Born in Israel and married with two small children, Yuval came to the College from Reform Congregation Kol Chai in Harrow. During this past year he has been interning at Hendon Reform Synagogue and will be taking up a post there as second rabbi. Yuval’s MA dissertation gained a distinction for his study of a little known tractate of the Talmud dealing with the Jewish status of those within and outside the recognized Jewish Community – Tractate Kutim.